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It all began in 2001 as a private in the context of today's BELVINI makers germinate the idea of ​​wine tasting at one blind. Quickly, the bottles completely wrapped in aluminum foil and uncork - no label, no acclaimed vintners name, no reference varieties, vintage, etc. should not manipulate the taste experience, and results were amazing.! The Merlot-lovers invented e.g. the Malbec for themselves - Cabernet drinkers enthusiastic at once slightly acid embossed Italian Riesling friends were in Portuguese autochthonous delicious drops, etc. .. On top of that, came the exciting factor, not knowing how much it would cost and what brand is the wine now.

This ingenious concept was then reacted in the first BELVINI store sector in 2003. In weekly, blind dates were 'tasted the wines no longer only from BELVINI team but by the customer. To define the specific wines already proven 5-point system was implemented. This allows the customer exactly (with decimal points) to evaluate the wine and bring to a Notes form. A statistic determined now more than 30,000 tasting results and per week for the ladies and gentlemen - each separately - a winner. This wine comes in the following week against a selection of other wines in order to maintain or even a better wine to make room. Once obtained, the wine receives one crown '. Up to 5 times a wine can win in a row - with 5 BELVINI crowns he has reached the Verkosterzenit and was tasted by approximately 450 people.

BELViNi 2011: The Internet boom of recent years has changed everything. Since 2007, we are not a retail business more. We focus only on the shipping trade. But the blind dates go on living, but in a closed circuit of a cooking club. There we taste with much joy and fun with around 25 people of all stripes. Discover our many wine tours around the world we are adding new wines for you. New ideas germinate constantly and it continues to be very exciting for us - we would hope to be able to give to you wine lovers a little of the enthusiasm that we see every day in contact with wine, wineries and winemakers.

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Tignanello Antinori 2006

A very rainy and cold autumn and an extremely cold winter with lots of rainfall led to a later development of the leaves than in recent years. The rain during the flowering season but has not harmed the growth of grapes. In the second half of July has reached very high temperatures, while in August the temperatures have dropped again, with frequent downpours. In September and October, the days were warm, the nights are fresh instead of temperature fluctuations, which have encouraged the grapes ripening perfectly. This very good climatic conditions have favored the reading very much, which was completed in the first week of October for Sangiovese and Cabernet in the second. The result was very good, both in quantity and above all in the quality of the grapes that lay at the very highest level.

The Winemaking
The stable and positive climate during the grape harvest has bestowed us with absolute top quality, who are then chosen with great care again, so that only grapes in perfect condition reached our basement. As well as in previous years, a special attention placed on the fermentation and extraction phases, such as regularly carried out the delestage and reassembly to obtain the best results for color, flavor and tannins. The fermentation was carried out for all three grape varieties, with an average temperature of 27 ° C and maximum temperature of 31 ° C to as many flavors and typical properties to preserve the grapes. From the beginning of great complexity and must above all a wide range of flavors, fragrance and elegance, especially when showing Sangiovese, which could immediately imagine the potential of a great vintage. At the end of alcoholic fermentation, the wines were put into new oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation (malolactic fermentation) at the end of the year took place. The assemblage took place and the final cuvée (blend) was again filled into oak barrels where it matured for 12 months. At the end of the maturity of each barrel was tasted again, before the wines were poured into the bottle to another 12 months in the cellars of Tenuta Tignanello mature and refine in the bottle.

The wine
The Tignanello 2006 has an intense ruby ​​red color with notes of ripe berry fruit and spice, very balanced and rich in flavor and elegant and complex. It is a very powerful wine, but still rich in finesse and pleasant to drink. The bouquet is long lasting and with a hint of chocolate and licorice. Its tannins are soft and well rounded, with a balanced acidity to ensure the wine a very long life.

Alcohol: 13,5 vol; grape varieties: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc

Zarskaya Russian premium vodka

The Zarskaya Vodka is a unique and exceptional drink with a high fine, soft flavor. This vodka was originally developed exclusively for the heads of state and your guests and served superscript.

Recently, the Herstellter the West and the entire Russian nation has opened. This premium vodka is now not only dignitaries and guests of the Russian Government.

The cups for the tables of the Russian Czar was made from the finest gold. It was about the legend that gives vodka drunk from gold pin and rejuvenating properties. Sometimes the golden cup was filled to the brim and handed over command to a boyar tsar. This was considered a special honor of the Tsar. The boyar or a high-ranking guests from overseas, which had to be so honored, then the cup completely empty in one gulp. The aim was to keep the ground under their feet.

Belvini.de wines presented by Christian Audigier Ed Hardy

The famous fashion designer Christian Audigier is well known in France. Thus it is of course wine in the blood. So it was after years of planning, a fervent desire to market his own wines now. Absolutely failed in this case the design of the bottle. This does not only convince the outside, but the content can be seen and tasted. With a friendly wine from the Languedoc, he created this unique line which are much sought after not only Ed Hardy fans and collectors, but even among wine lovers. The wines present a line of wonderfully successful and complete südfanzösischen wines with a certain charm and quirky character.

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Belvini.de presents 1998's Krug Clos du Mesnil - the exception

There are places that have an almost magical aura - an aura that is so undwiederstehlich that one needs only to pronounce her name to evoke her legend. A legend that inspires our imagination and captivates our senses. Clos du Mesnil-sur-Oger, one of the most prestigious Champagne-growing places of the famous Côtes-des-Blancs.

Whether the builders of these walls could imagine the natural potential of this vineyard and its gently sloping south facing position, as they placed the plaque with the year 1698? Whether they vorrausahen well that form the protective wall and the building later that arose alongside an ideal microclimate for growing Chardonnay grapes were the noble? Whether they could well imagine that the name Clos du Mesnil Champagne, centuries later, far more than the addition would become a legend?

This vineyard, Henri and Rémi Krug moved immediately captivated when she visited him for the first time. They were of the wine that thrives in this plot, so charmed that she decided to pay tribute to its specificity by using a previously immutable rule, the family broke pitcher. Since 1843, all Krug champagnes Assemblages had been. On the other hand is Krug Clos du Mesnil is the first out of a single volume, a single variety and a single, historical plot - a unique product, even in the pitcher-champagnes.

Krug Clos du Mesnil 1998

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Wine of the computer

For those who do not know .. There are now even wine from the USB PORT. ;-)

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